Dirk Zeller

Taming the Time Management Monster!
Taming the Time Management Monster

Taming the Time Management Monster

Dirk Zeller

March 2018

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In a recent study of real estate agents, over 72% listed time management as their number one problem in their business The truth is, how you manage your time determines the quality of your life. What is an hour of your time worth? Internationally recognized sales, time management, and productivity expert, Dirk Zeller, will share best practices, tips, and strategies to leverage your time more effectively to increase sales and quality of life. As a real estate agent, Dirk was able to sell 150 plus homes a year and also take Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off each week!

In this program you will learn to:

  • Maximize and protect your “Premium Time”
  • Defend your day from interruptions.
  • Align your direct income producing time with production supporting time.
  • Create the right work/life balance for you.
  • Craft a strategic schedule to increase productivity.

Time is great equalizer of life. No one has more time today than anyone else. We all have 86,400 seconds to use to nurture and love our families, as well as run our business. Your quality of life is based on the quality of your time management skills. Learn from the master to achieve time mastery.

About Dirk:

As an Agent who rose to the top of the real estate field quickly, Dirk Zeller has been on a meteoric rise since he began his career in 1990. Throughout his real estate career, Dirk was recognized numerous times as one of the leading Agents in North America. Dirk has been described by many industry insiders as the most successful Agent in terms of high production with life balance.

Prior to his real estate career, Dirk was a professional racquetball player for four years. Through one-on-one racquetball competition, he forged a winning attitude and winning habits. Dirk’s competitive strategies on the racquetball court translated to big success in selling real estate.

Dirk is one of the most published authors in success and sales training in the real estate industry with over 1000 published articles to his credit. His “Coaches Corner” weekly newsletter has over 200,000 subscribers. His first book, Your First Year in Real Estate, quickly became the most widely read “how to” book for beginning Agents. He was also selected as THE “Dummies® Author” for his book Success as a Real Estate Agent For Dummies®, which was released June 19th, 2006 with Telephone Sales for Dummies® released Fall 2007. He has four other books to his credit, The Champion Real Estate Agent, The Champion Real Estate Team, Telephone Sales for Dummies®, and Successful Time Management for Dummies®. Dirk is CEO of Real Estate Champions, the premier coaching company in the real estate industry. The company was founded to provide real tools and strategies that Real Estate Agents and Managers can use to increase their wealth in their business and personal life.

Dirk Zeller 5 NW Hawthorne Ave., Suite 200 Bend, OR 97703.

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