Sue "Pinky" Benson

Sell Listings in Record Time Using Video & Social
Sell Listings in Record Time Using Video & Social

Sell Listings in Record Time Using Video & Social

Sue "Pinky" Benson

August 2018

This webinar will be about how “Pinky” built her business using video and social media.

“You can too! Whether you are just getting started in the business or you’re a veteran you need to embrace video! You don’t need expensive equipment, I’ve done just about everything with my phone, a tripod, and a mic! Need to get comfortable? I’ve got some tips for that too!”

About Sue:

In the fall of 2017, Sue was named #2 Real Estate Agent Video Influencer in the LIVE category by her peers across North America.

“I’m humbled by this recognition. My videos are my passion which I love to share with my followers. I use video to talk about my community in Naples, Florida and about my Real Estate business.”

“Videos sell homes! Since 2015, when I moved to Naples, I’ve sold every property I’ve listed and I feel it’s because of my videos and my ability to use social media marketing to get those videos in front of the right audience. My passion with video marketing has given me some wonderful opportunities as well. “

“Pinky” has been featured in RE/MAX’s “Above”, the company’s national magazine, along with the National Association of Realtors Magazine and Florida Realtor Magazine. In June 2018, she was recognized, again, in Florida Realtor Magazine as a top Real Estate Video Rockstar.

“I really enjoy speaking to my peers about how to incorporate video into their marketing, too. I’ve spoken to RE/MAX’s Mid State and Dixie Region about how to grow your business through video, and at our RE/MAX National Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.”

Sue lives in Naples, Florida with her husband, Josh (a Naples native), and  children.

“We have two here on earth and one in heaven. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring my town, and sharing it on my online segment, ‘Pinky Knows Naples’, seeing historical sites of Florida, and having adventures. We only get one life, let’s go explore it! “


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