Marguerite Martin and Anne Jones

Rev Up Your Video Marketing – You Already Have the Content!
Rev Up Your Video Marketing

Rev Up Your Video Marketing

Marguerite Martin and Anne Jones

April 2015

You’re a real estate agent. You’re a people person. You know you need to do (more) video. Your competition does; it brings enormous SEO and ROI benefits; it’s evergreen content that introduces you to potential clients 24/7.

Now’s the time. And the content is right in front of you. Working agents Anne and Marguerite will show you how to turn your bio, client conversations, emails, market trend knowledge, answers to questions, listings, testimonials and community expertise into sticky lead generating video content.

Topics covered include:

  • Cost considerations and DIY
  • Sourcing local videographer talent on a shoestring
  • Video shelf life
  • Audio quality and music sourcing
  • Aligning your On-Camera and In-Real-Life selves
  • How to be relatable
  • Distribution channels, where to host videos
  • Custom, consistent intro/outros
  • YouTube channel tweaks
  • Quick links to answer client questions (i.e., “oh you want to buy a short sale? Watch this…”)
  • The “ Laugh a Little” trick
  • Leveraging your community contacts and well connected clients/friends
  • Exciting your clients to share you with their friends and family!

This fast moving exploration will get you started, or rev up the video you are already doing. Lots of real world agent examples will inspire you to strategize a video marketing plan perfect for your market. Let’s get started! Reserve your seat now!

Marguerite’s Bio:

Marguerite Martin is a working agent specializing in Downtown Tacoma and the surrounding neighborhoods. In real estate since 2005, Marguerite strives to “keep it real” in her career as a real estate agent and strives to find ways to make the process of buying and selling a home more transparent and authentic.

Anne’s Bio:

A lifelong South Sound resident, Anne Jones was raised in Gig Harbor, graduated from the University of Puget Sound (go Loggers!) and continues to make the Tacoma area her home. Prior to entering real estate in 2008, Anne worked in new construction alongside her parents, Pete & Kathy Crase. Their emphasis on honesty, quality and customer service has kept them building homes for nearly 40 years, and was the foundation upon which Anne built her own business.


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