Linda McKissack

Passive Income & Wealth Building for Real Estate Agents.
Passive Income Building for Real Estate Agents

Passive Income Building for Real Estate Agents

Linda McKissack

September 2017

How to begin with a zero bank balance!

Entrepreneur, Realtor, Author, Trainer and Highly Regarded Speaker

There may be no better way to build wealth and positive cash flow than investing in rental properties. For those who own real estate, you know the power of building up a cash flowing rental portfolio. If you’re just getting started, or have a small portfolio and considering growing, Linda will share lots of great nuggets during this Secrets show.

The day you sell your last house is the last dollar you will ever make in real estate… unless you focus on building wealth! Come learn from Linda McKissack, the Queen of Passive Income, as she teaches you how to build wealth and passive income WHILE you build a great business.

Bio Info:

About Linda:

Linda McKissack is an entrepreneur, realtor, author, trainer and highly regarded speaker, but her greatest passion is helping others to achieve their maximum potential. Her career in real estate began in the early 80’s with a rocky start. Through her experiences, Linda has developed an understanding of business that she enthusiastically shares with others around the country. Her results-driven personality continually helps push people to the next level in both their lives and careers.

After her tough start, Linda looked to mentors and coaches and adopted systems, models and a business plan. She has gone on to create five successful businesses, one of which includes a speaking and consulting business and is also an owner-investor in numerous residential and commercial properties. She has created an incredibly successful sales team, McKissack Realty Group. Together, McKissack Realty Group sells over $60 Million in volume and closes over 300 properties each year.

Linda has taken her success and graciously shares it with others by speaking nationally. She has been a guest speaker at the Colorado Association of Realtors, Hawaii Association of Realtors, National Association of Realtors, CRS, Keller Williams University and a regular speaker at Howard Brinton Star Powers Seminars. Not only is she achieving her greatest passion, but she is also helping others significantly increase revenues and business effectiveness. Her authenticity makes you believe if she can do it so can I!

“Linda McKissack is a master presenter and master real estate agent! Excellence is her forte…one can learn from the Master!”, Mo Anderson, Vice Chairman of the Board Keller Williams Realty

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