Pam Ermen

Learn How to Read Your Market To Generate More Sales In 2019
Read Your Market To Generate More Sales In 2019

Read Your Market To Generate More Sales In 2019

Pam Ermen

October 2018

How many times have we heard “There’s no crystal ball?” Well guess what…there is! In this session we’ll talk about the Economic 6 pack of market indicators that can help you better define the direction of your market. No more fuzzy economic info that confuses your clients and can often de-rail your next transaction! Pam will show you how to use this Economic 6 pack to educate and encourage both Buyers and Sellers to take action!

About Pam :

Pamela Ermen has spent her entire business career in real estate, obtaining her license at 18 years old. Her intense focus on acquiring the knowledge, combined with award winning sales production, opened doors to full time management by the age of 24. Since then she has spent nearly 25 years coaching individual agents and teams to their highest levels of productivity.

Pam is the author and creator of two training series about real estate business planning and the dynamic growth of teams. She was selected as the “Real Estate Educator of the Year” for the state of Virginia.

Pam is a National Instructor, Speaker and Realtor.


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