Brad Korn

Capture More Leads with Social Media. A Time-saving and Intelligent Strategy
Capture More Leads with Social Media

Capture More Leads with Social Media

Brad Korn

June 2013

Brad Korn

REALTOR® at The Korn Team, Keller Williams Master Faculty, Certified Business Coach –


Brad Korn will share with you how to take all the social media ideas you have heard and learned about throughout the year at other great conferences and training events and put them all into ACTION! Information is Power AFTER you put implementation behind the information. You have, no doubt heard some incredible ideas on how you can grow your business with social media.

When we call the Internet ‘THE WEB’ it is because it is designed like a spider web. Every strand is connected and helps to capture food for the spider. Do you run your business with an effective web? Or are you still building your web? Is your web not connected to all the pieces? Find out in this session a simple strategy you can use to connect all your social media sites, and maybe even some sites you don’t have, and have them capture more business so you can reach the prospects and sell more real estate.

One of the biggest issues for most agents is to figure out what to talk about and then just pull up a site, and type it out, or make a video. With this simple system you will get plugged in to all the social media outlets that matter AND Brad is going to share a simple technique that will show you just how much content is right there in front of you and this system will give you information for all your social media sites for weeks to come.

What You Will Discover…

  1. What is the difference between a website & a micro-site (how do you get your “WEB” connected)?
  2. How to leverage all your social media sites to capture more business
  3. How a Blog and your Website can become a goldmine for leads
  4. Bring more traffic to your website and get you in front of more buyers and sellers
  5. The proper structure to capture more business using social media
  6. Turning on a funnel of leads that never stops
  7. Creating an automated system to stay consistent with postings on your social media sites
  8. How to find content that matters
  9. & much more!

This is going to be an incredible hour full of information…so be prepared! This webinar will show you one simple strategy to take all your great ideas and put them into action.

About Brad Korn

Brad Korn has been selling real estate for over 21 years. He has averages over 100 sales each year over the past 10 years and has been the at the tip top of production in his KW Eastland office for the past 8 years. He has been one of the top 10 in the Heartland Region (7 state area) for last 5 years. Brad is an International Trainer and Speaker in the Real Estate and Mortgage Industries. He is a nationally certified business coach and one of John Maxwell’s Founding Members of the JTM coaching team. He is one of KW’s International Faculty member also a real estate business coach with MAPS coaching.

Some of the even more fun things Brad & his team have accomplished include appearing on 2 episodes of HGTV’s “My Home is Worth What?”, being featured in REALTOR Magazine for “Top 10 Most Profitable Websites” and “Successful Marriages in Real Estate”, he won the national “Who’s Gonna Make it Big” contest with and is featured in many publications, webinars, conventions & training events throughout the industry.

He is also the owner of CyberStars (a Nationally recognized network of 200 top agents in the country known for their revolutionary use of technology in their businesses) and continues to oversee his successful real estate team serving the Greater Kansas City area & a sister team in Lincoln, well as coaching and training agents all across the globe to help other see just how simple it is to run a successful, profitable real estate business.


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