Jesse Peters & Michael Thorne

Boost Your Business With The Power of Video
Boost Your Business With The Power of Video

Boost Your Business With The Power of Video

Jesse Peters & Michael Thorne

August 2017
Jesse – Practicing Real Estate Agent under the Social Savvy® brand;
Michael – Video Thought Leader at RE Video Studio Bootcamps

Learn video tips, tricks & insights that will fundamentally change your real estate business from two of the real estate industry’s thought leaders when it comes to video.


Bio Info:

About Jesse:

Jesse has been a practicing real estate agent for five years, not a single moment of which was without video at the centre of his craft. His work in video is also the reason Jesse sold three homes in his first week as a real estate agent and hasn’t slowed his pace since. Operating under the Social Savvy® brand, Jesse does just about everything possible under the sun with real estate videos. His innovative work pushes Winnipeg – its unique neighbourhoods and community – to the fore. Jesse has revolutionized video for real estate to ensure his client’s home is “seen, showcased and sold.”

While Jesse only got his start in real estate five years ago, his fast ascent to industry leader is no fluke. Jesse’s pioneering work in video, as well as personal and real estate development sets him apart as a thought leader within the industry. Together with Michael, Jesse has educated thousands of agents on how to use video to catalyze their real estate business. Video Bootcamps provide a way for Jesse to not only share his craft, but also to hone it with peers in the field. And in contrast to Michael’s video style, Jesse is notorious for making himself the centre of the show.

Because of Jesse’s success with video as an agent and educator, he is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world. Jesse thrives stageside. A karaoke host veteran in his free time, his style is buoyant, social, and informal. Jesse’s one-of-a-kind style motivates agents near and far to buck up the courage and dive headfirst into video.

About Michael:

Michael is a practicing Realtor with RE/MAX and was practically born a coach. His insatiable desire to help others can be seen from the little league baseball diamond to the stage speaking to an audience of 10,000 agents at R4 in Las Vegas. Michael’s reputation as a video thought leader is in part because of his technical skills, as he is an ardent student of video tech & techniques. But it is by pointing his camera at the place he knows best, North Langley, that Michael has become known as a global leader in using video to tell a community’s stories. That reputation – paired with a commitment to inspire others – is what brings him to real estate stages across the world.

Michael’s driving force is to be a springboard for others and give back to his community. As a counterpart to Jesse, Michael has trained agents from all over the world in not just camera work, but also storytelling. RE Video Studio Bootcamps are renowned for building courage and inspiring approaches to real estate inuenced by Michael’s personal journey in North Langley, BC. Michael provides pitch perfect support, insight, and pro tips, all geared towards helping others be the absolute best they can be.

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