Todd Duncan & Michael J. Maher

A Taste of Sales Mastery - The Top 10 Hot Sales Secrets of Today's Masters
A Taste of Sales Mastery

A Taste of Sales Mastery

Todd Duncan & Michael Maher

July 2012

The Top 10 Hot Sales Secrets of Today’s Masters

Todd Duncan

Bestselling author of 14 books and seminars
Founder of The Duncan Group, providing innovative training and leadership in the mortgage banking industry

Michael J. Maher

President of Real Estate, Marketing and Business Development, The Maher Team Residential Real Estate Marketing
Realty Executives of Kansas City


If you’re ready to become a Master of Sales in real estate, you don’t want to miss this webinar! Join Sales Masters Todd Duncan and Michael Maher to learn all the secrets to get you there. In this webinar, learn:

  • How to get more business by having fewer clients.
  • How make sure you’re seeing the right prospects.
  • How to keep clients for life.
  • And much more!

You don’t want to miss this FREE webinar with Todd and Michael.

About Todd Duncan

Over the past two decades Todd Duncan has built a respected enterprise while continuing to observe and study the lives of achievers who thrive on and off the job. His ongoing discoveries continue to be synthesized into compelling resources for living in a meaningful, enriching, and profitable way. His 14 books and popular seminars have influenced millions to pursue a generous and abundant life, and have landed on prestigious bestseller lists including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Barnes & Noble,,, and BusinessWeek.

Todd began his loan origination career at the age of twenty-three and he quickly learned what it takes to succeed amidst the rising pressures and incessant temptations of the marketplace. By the age of twenty-five, Todd was listed in the top one-percent of the industry. By the time he was thirty, he had been involved in successfully closing over 5000 loans.

In 1992, Todd founded The Duncan Group to meet the growing demand for innovative training and leadership in the mortgage banking industry where he began his career. Like Peter Drucker, Dale Carnegie, and Bill Gates, Todd became an innovator who transformed his industry and improved the lives of millions. As a father of relationship-based selling for mortgage professionals, Todd has single handedly developed more successful mortgage professionals and enhances the quality of service they provide in the mortgage industry today.

Today, world-wide audiences praise Todd’s authentic, balanced approach to success because he speaks from a platform of triumph. Todd’s passion is to unlock the potential in every individual crossing his path, and his personal story has given hope to many. In designing world-renowned content and universal success strategies, Todd’s ultimate goal is to help people lead healthy lives of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Todd and his wife, Debra, and his two sons, Jonathan and Matthew live in Newport Beach, California.

About Michael Maher

“America’s Most Referred Real Estate Professional”, Michael J. Maher is dedicated to helping agents earn a better living and live a better life. He rocketed to the top of the profession quickly netting over $1 MM in just his third year of real estate. With the trademarked slogan of We’re not #1… YOU are®, The Maher Team has received over 500 referrals per year for the last five years. Michael has been interviewed by the top real estate trainers in the world including: Bill Hart at Building Champions®, Howard Brinton at STAR POWER®, and Joe Stumpf at By Referral Only®. As an author, he is now coming into his own. He contributed to the top-selling book, Foreclosure Investing For Dummies® with Ralph Roberts.

Connect to Michael at, review over 180 recommendations at, and for more information on his book, please go to


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