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Wednesday, November 16, 2016 1:00 PM ET/
10 AM PT

SEO Spotlight: 5 Tactics You Need to Get Found

Colton Miller

Digital Marketer for Boostability

Did you know SEO or Search Engine Optimization can make or break your business? Did you know there are steps you can take TODAY to boost website traffic, increase engagement and turn Google searches into leads?

Colton Miller, Director of SEO Strategy at Boostability for, has 5 key SEO strategies you need to capture the leads you may be losing. This webinar will teach you to:

  • Have the content your audience is looking for. Colton will explain WHAT you should be providing.
  • Know what your website is missing. Colton will tell you HOW to find key content.
  • Provide lots of findable information. Colton will show you WHERE to put that information.
  • Understand what it takes to turn a visitor into a lead. Colton will explain WHY customers take action.
  • Strategically engage your potential customers. Colton will suggest WHO can help you engage your audience.
About Colton

Colton has worked as a Digital Marketer for Boostability for over five years. He has substantial experience in sales, consultation, account management, and strategy specifically for SEO. He has worked with spends ranging from $50 - $50k a month. He is very passionate about Search Engine Optimization and is always looking to share his knowledge while learning more. He currently works as a Senior SEO Strategist for Boostability. He is also working on his personal life-style brand Hectick in his spare time.


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