How to Price, Package, and Position Listings to Sell Quickly

with Jim Remley

How do you position or re-position your listings to compete in an increasingly crowded market?

Jim Remley, Webinar Speaker

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You’ve never read a real estate guide like this before!’s National Speaker, Joe Sesso took over a dozen of the best Secrets Of Top Selling Agents webinars and boiled them down to their most essential elements. Discover the lessons he learned from real estate titans such as Barbara Corcoran, Dave Liniger, and Gary Keller in this must-read book for real estate agents.


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Busy real estate agents don’t always have time to sit down and watch a webinar, so take your Secrets Of Top Selling Agents training on the go! Secrets Podcasts bring all the great tips and advice from industry speakers to your favorite podcast player. Find the latest episodes here!

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